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Tammera Hollerich 2023

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Meet Tammera

“My mission in life is to positively impact the health and wellness of a million people or more before I check out.”

In 1996, when Tammera L. Hollerich, CNC entered the health insurance world it would be the beginning of a very interesting journey that has led her to a life changing discovery along the way. If she could teach her clients the nutritional basics of how to get, and stay, healthy she could save them more money on more levels than just their health insurance premiums. They would reduce the costs of prescription drugs, Dr. visits, copays, and most of all it would extend years of life with their loved ones.

In 2006, this concept officially evolved into the weight loss company we know and love today as Healthy Lifestyle Secrets. Tammera passionately teaches her students how to lose weight and non-essential body fat in a seven week class that rivals any college course in the country. By losing the weight, the students benefit in ways they couldn’t have even imagine possible when they began the journey.

With a major in psychology and minor in nutrition, Tammera has a unique understanding of what the body needs on a cellular level. She is the leading weight loss expert in the field today because of her appreciation of the role the mind plays in the complex process of maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, and the complicated role the liver plays in weight loss.

With technology ever improving, and the cutting-edge discoveries in science, Tammera is determined to stay in front of all other weight loss companies. By offering genetic testing of nutritional, and pharmacology profiling, coupled with your personalized BMR nutritional allocations, Tammera can provide objective results. Most companies are guessing at the next weight loss strategy. Tammera does not guess. She backs it with science. This is what sets her apart from all others in the weight loss field.

She is an author, lecturer, and a highly sought after nutritionist and expert; specializing and certified in: sports nutrition, nutritional counseling, hormones and metabolism, and active aging nutrition. Tammera has been invited to speak to notable institutions such as the Dallas Baptist University, McClennan Community College, Fort Worth ISD, Tulsa Public Schools, as well as various Chambers of Commerce and Corporations across the country. Other noteworthy involvement would be the creation of a community based weight loss initiative with Park Cities Baptist Church in Dallas, TX. She has also been an active correspondent for the Fort Worth Star Telegram, the Dallas Business Journal, and has been featured in notable news affiliates such as ABC, CBS, and NBC.

Today, Tammera is more determined than ever before to take this wealth of knowledge that she possesses and share it with as many people as she can reach in her lifetime. This is her calling to which she answered, “YES!”

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Everything Is up podcastA podcast about the successes and achievements of those that have risen to the top in their field or who have achieved a level of success and want to make a positive impact on their communities. Ordinary people are achieving remarkable things and you can too. I couldn’t be more excited to share these stories with you.

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